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Making with the Manometer

V-Strom without Fairings

Stripping down for service.

The new V-Strom had been set up very nicely by its previous owners, and came with just about everything I’d hope to add on to it. What it didn’t come with was detailed information on when certain maintenance had been performed.

Having become quite obsessive about maintenance, I decided to put my mind at rest and just take care of things. Over the course of a month I replaced the spark plugs, chain, sprockets, tires, and air filter, synchronized the throttle bodies, and checked the valves. Between the service manual and the invaluable advice found on Stromtrooper the jobs were all straigtforward. Continue reading ›

Uly to Wee

Thumbnail : Uly to Wee

Finally caving in to curiosity, I sold the Ulysses and got a 2005 Suzuki V-Strom DL650 (aka Wee-Strom). It was an excellent deal, and it came with just about every add-on I could want.

So far I’m thrilled with the bike. While it’s got noticeably less power than the Buell, …

Warm Winter Day in Dublin, NH

Thumbnail : Warm Winter Day in Dublin, NH

Temperatures rose into the 50’s and it had been at least a month since we’d taken a ride that was longer than a few miles. Tracing the same path to Dublin we followed last summer,  the trip was made even more exciting this time by large amounts of snow that …

Motorcycle Trip Checklist

Thumbnail : Motorcycle Trip Checklist

I recently came across this incredibly helpful Motorcycle Trip Checklist. While I can’t imagine anyone bringing everything on the list, there’s enough there that it should be a useful reference before every trip.

Also excellent is paochow’s Tank Bag Essentials, which includes everything to get you through …

P-town at the Cape

Thumbnail : P-town at the Cape

Today I unexpectedly found myself in Cape Cod with James on the motorcycle. Let me explain. I have been considering buying a motorcycle (to be discussed in another blog). We traveled to Weymouth about a …

Coming Soon!

We’ll soon have notes from our various trips here, some written on the road, some from journals, and some post-trip reflection. Check back soon!

New Mexico’s French Quarter

Thumbnail : New Mexico’s French Quarter

(This was written on 9/8 – too tired to write the night this happened)

Great views all the way from Amarillo to Albuquerque. Finally seeing some mountains. We had a weird time in Albuquerque, couldn’t find a restaurant, got some crummy Frito pie Mexican fast food in a stip mall, then …

Neon Cowboys and Western Horsemen

Thumbnail : Neon Cowboys and Western Horsemen

Today we drove from Plano to Amarillo. Zumo was acting crazy half of the day, steering us down roads that didn’t exist, and failing to recognize roads that did exist. It ends up being because I left it on the Topo map instead of switching back to City Navigator. Sheesh!

We …

Plain ol’ Plano

Thumbnail : Plain ol’ Plano

We drove from Toledo Bend/Many to Plano. It’s nice to get into Texas. The drive was pleasant for a while but deteriorated quickly with crazy rain that lasted for hours. Humberto was in the gulf and the effects were already coming down on Texas.

The engine got wet and …

Day 4 – Salty Dick’s Road

Thumbnail : Day 4 – Salty Dick’s Road St. Louis Cathedral – New Orleans, LA

We awake in New Orleans and decide that we just have to …

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